Salutations and Welcome!

11/30/22 My home page is nearly almost heading towards completion!

Where are we gonna go today?

Looking, exploring, seeing, doing.


Links to my blog/journal page (soon)


Super Sekrit New Plan

Moare Super Sekritness

The mystery continues

Just a few pictures

As I work on my site more, I'll expand the capability. But for now, enjoy some past photography!

Why "little slices of life"?

You might be wondering why I chose this as my tagline.


If you are familiar with manga or anime, you probably know this phrase

"Slice of life" is a genre. - It shows the simple, the daily, the beauty of the simple yet sometimes complex tangle of life. My site is a combination of my encounters, my thoughts, and my experiences. It's not meant to be grand - it's just meant to be.