To the south of Hiroshima prefecture is the Seto Inland Sea. Tiny islands can be seen when visiting the seashore and depending on the visibility and the beach you stand on, the island of Shikoku may be seen.

To reach this shore, we drove across a huge bridge and along a tiny road that hugged the side of small hilly cliffs. Only one car could fit at several points, even though it’s a two lane road. Occasionally there are places with no guard rails, so looking down into the water can be either frightening or exhilarating (to each their own). Luckily, there are several spots where one can park to allow another car to go by. Oh, and reversing is also an option, as long as no other cars are behind. The mirrors that help drivers see around corners are sometimes fogged over with dried salt, so driving along this road is a test of patience and timing.

If you are one of those who can’t get to see the sea/ocean right now, it will be waiting. In the meanwhile, I want to share this picture with you. I wish I could bring you with me in person, but until then please enjoy this.


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