Rainy season

Rainy season

It seems that rainy season has started. At least, that’s what they said on the weather report yesterday. A quick look at my weather app confirmed they might be correct.

As I sit and write, there is a mix of grey clouds and blue sky. It’s windy too. The little broom we keep on the windowsill has blown off a few times so I’ve just given up and moved it over to the shelf.

June does bring with it hydrangea, so I usually don’t mind the rainy season.

However, this year I don’t know – I still mostly stay home because of the virus (with exceptions for work and errands and sometimes take out), but walking outside and going to the river has been a lovely way to relax and get fresh air.

Maybe it’s time to invest in some rubber boots and a nice raincoat. Splashing in puddles also sounds lovely.

Oh, and this picture was from maybe a couple of years ago? It was taken on a walk in Chiba prefecture.


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