Dogo Onsen

Dogo Onsen

Earlier this year, we traveled to the island of Shikoku to visit Dogo Onsen. It’s one of the oldest hot springs in Japan, and to my delight I discovered it’s mentioned in the Man’youshu as well. Looks like Thomas and I will have to do some more research for the podcast!

I’ve also read that this onsen was the inspiration for the onsen in “Spirited Away.” I do recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

There’s major renovation going on at the onsen that will go on for the next few years. It seems that we moved to western Japan just in time for the renovations, as the red Torii at Miyajima is also undergoing construction. It’s still nice to go in person just to get the atmosphere and the history.

I have a bad habit of going somewhere, taking pictures, meaning to write a long and informative blog and then… not. I could just post on my social media but I like to use my pictures as inspiration for writing. To each their own creative outlet 🙂

The theme of the onsen renovation is a phoenix with the phrase “Reborn.”


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