Far Away

Far Away

Today’s picture is courtesy of my phone, and not my camera. I snapped this picture to share with a dear friend a few days ago. I really love vertical gardening.

For the past several months, most of us have kept in contact only digitally rather than in person.

But for me, most especially since I moved last year – so many of my friends and family have only been accessed digitally.

I know many people have struggled with not being able to meet in person. And I’m no exception. I have several friends both here in my new city as well as in Chiba that I have missed being able to talk with face to face and have had to settle for texting or occasional video chat. Also voice chat! It’s really felt “retro” to have voice calls, but somehow rather lovely.

Yesterday we (outdoor social distance) met with a dear friend who will be moving soon. It’s bittersweet that the first time we have seen her in months will be one of the last for a while. I’m happy and excited for her, but a little wistful too.

Happily though, we will still be able to keep in touch and hopefully someday soon our paths will cross again.

I am so very thankful that we have been able to stay in touch so much, no matter how far apart (or continent or time zone!) we are.


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