Hello there!

It’s November once again. Last year, I did (or tried) to do Nanowrimo with a friend. I thought about doing it again but it’s been such a strange year. Writing a novel just didn’t appeal because fact has been weirder than fiction (I know it’s an overused phrase this year, but I can’t find anything more appropriate!) Plus, I find myself wanting to write more non-fiction than anything else.

Wanting is not the same as actually doing. So I am taking a little step of action today.

I’m still struggling a lot with how I want this blog to go. It’s a fine line of wanting to share about what I’m doing, my personal feelings, a fear of oversharing, and privacy concerns. I know that’s a little strange in this time of social media, but hey it’s me.

But I do need to say for now – despite so many terrible things that have happened and how far we still have to go – I’m pretty content with my personal life. Of course there’s still a lot I want to see (I miss my family and friends like crazy) and do – but right now unfortunately we are constrained by the virus. BUT I’m looking forward to the future. And I’ve had the chance to find joys in other things. Ooo, I should post about what I’ve learned this year. (Is that overdone at this point too? Did I miss the boat on that one?)

Take care and I’ll try my darnedest to write again soon!


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