Summer Travels: Hiroshima City

Summer Travels: Hiroshima City

This summer, we did a little traveling around Hiroshima Prefecture. Not being able to leave the prefecture really gave us a chance to explore some new places and revisit ones we’d seen before.

In August we traveled to Hiroshima City. While we did go there last year to visit the Peace Museum, we decided not to go again this year. I want to write a long post about visiting the museum for the first time but it’s a topic that I really feel like I need to take my time to give the proper respect. For now, I want to share a few pictures from this year from our trip to the city.


Temple we saw while taking a walk
Wind chime display in the mall
Two delicious things together: Mister Donut and Mosburger!
Outside the Hiroshima Peace Museum


Hey Heather, you might ask, why didn’t you post these pictures earlier?

And to that I have a couple of answers. One – my “writing muse” has been on a long holiday. Two – I wanted to wait a loooong time after traveling anywhere to post pictures because I was worried I’d hear How could you be traveling during this pandemic!!!! You should be at home!!! AS WELL AS feeling slightly guilty that since our case count is so low here in Hiroshima prefecture and so many of my friends and family can’t travel I really didn’t want to make anyone feel bad.

So, for those in the “worried camp”: we wore masks, avoided people, stayed outside mostly (and got overheated in the August humidity) and reallllly minimized any eating in public. (Plus, you should see the amount of hand sanitizer I use!). I promise we took all the proper precautions we could.

(Which I also need to add – please please PLEASE wear a proper mask when you go out and use hand sanitizer and wash your hands! I know lots of people do, but I was surprised to find out that some people aren’t?? I guess I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing face masks here and didn’t realize it was a “thing”. I promise, it’s to help others and it will help you too! Let’s help each other out as much as we can!)

To those who might be in the other camp – I’m really sorry if you can’t travel right now. I hope and think we’ll all be able to travel again safely soon. And until then, armchair travel along with me. I’ll bring you along too!



Gina Posted on4:15 pm - November 13, 2020

I’m glad you were able to do a day out!! It’s really a shame that a good number of Americans refuse to take proper precautions when going out of their homes. But I’m glad that you’re in a country where social responsibility is a thing.

Love to you and Yoshi!

    Heather Posted on12:33 pm - November 15, 2020

    Lots of love back to you <3

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