Tired but trying – December challenge post #3

Tired but trying – December challenge post #3

It’s almost 10:30 PM. I’m so tired. But I wanted to get something down today because even though my challenge is small, I want to try my best to finish it!

Today was my last Japanese class of this year. I had started in September with high hopes. I knew the class format and was prepared with a note file and dividers and paper and flashcards and highlighters. I was going to learn so much!

My plans got changed. My flashcards didn’t get filled. I didn’t learn nearly as much as I wanted. There were classes I couldn’t attend due to morning sickness.

I felt like I should leave the class. I felt like I was letting every in class down. That I wasn’t going to be able to finish – because the exhaustion was not only physical, but also mental. If you’ve learned a second language as an adult maybe you too have found when you are really tired, getting that language out is so much more difficult. My Japanese, not really strong to begin with – seemed to get worse.

But – I didn’t leave the class. I talked with my teacher and she encouraged me. My classmates helped me. My morning sickness got better.

I was able to finish!

I’m so grateful for my teachers and classmates. I honestly don’t know how to thank them enough. They are truly wonderful.

I still learned quite a bit from my class. And I’ve got my books so I can go over again what we worked on.

It’s going to take years to get my Japanese where I want it to be. And that’s okay. I will still keep going.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.


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