Made it! December Challenge Post #4

Made it! December Challenge Post #4

Well, I had planned to write this much earlier.

It’s been one of those productive days where I got a lot done – and that includes thinking too. And also, there was a little Netflix involved. (But only a little, I swear.)

It’s almost 11:30 Japan time – but it’s not midnight yet so hooray for posting day 4!

We made kimchi nabe (pronounced “nahbey”) together this evening. It’s the first time we used a pre-made nabe stock. Usually we use konbu dashi but this time we mixed things up a bit, thanks to me spotting this packet on sale. It was really fantastic! It’s fun to make nabe – since it’s winter we used our portable stove and made it at our kotatsu. Between the stove, the kotatsu (it’s a table with a built in heater), and the wall heating unit, our living room was lovely and warm. Well it was until I had to get up to go the bathroom and had to make the walk through the freezing hallway. Ah, Japan winter. Such fun.

Today’s gonna be short and sweet. See you for day 5!


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