Late – December challenge post – restart #1

Late – December challenge post – restart #1

Ah, so I got off track a bit there. Last week was tough for me – but after chatting with my dear friends, I found out I wasn’t alone. Last week was tough for other people too. Wasn’t any one thing in particular, just a build up of well, everything (and for me, the fun roller coaster of pregnancy EMOTIONS. Yes, emotions is in all caps because they are just that BIG.)

BUT it’s a new week!!! That means a new start! And I like that sometimes we can start over as many times as we need. Well, depending on what it is. Some things you can’t some you can. Luckily for my blog, it’s something I can start over again.

Also, I didn’t realize it’s less than two weeks til Christmas! My cards aren’t sent yet, I haven’t ordered presents, and I haven’t started on any baking either!!

I’m going to see where this week takes me, trying the best that I can! Good luck to you too!


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