30 Weeks

30 Weeks

I have been itching to write again recently! I’m gathering my thoughts and ideas but while I take my sweet sweet time, I figured I should make a new update here.

We have made it to 30 weeks! So far things are looking good, which is really lovely.

We had an online baby shower this week. My sister and dear friend coordinated and planned it. It was beautiful and of course I cried and I am so touched and honored they would set that up for us as well as so many family and friends coming to be with us. We got some lovely gifts and I can’t wait to send everyone pictures of our little friend using them.

After the outpouring of love from the shower, I started feeling even better. Since the weather has been getting warmer and I’ve been able to exercise and walk more, my mood has been lifted. The baby shower just REALLY made it even more lifted!! Not just that, but the constant movement from our little friend has been reassuring on a level I didn’t even comprehend would be so important. There’s other things as well, but right now I am in a “sweet spot.” It’s after morning sickness, and a while before the “dreaded last month” as other mothers have warned me about and I am ENJOYING it. Our little friend is growing, and me along with that growth! Not just in size! Although that’s getting larger as well.

I have quite a few things to do this afternoon, so I better get to them. Here’s hoping I can make another post this week and add some pictures here too. It’s been too long for both!


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Gina Posted on12:07 pm - March 24, 2021

I am so happy you are feeling good and happy! Love!

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