Works in progress

Works in progress

Welcome back to my little corner. Today’s theme is “works in progress”! And this time it’s not a vague philosophical post, it’s about my literal works in progress.

I like projects. I like planning, preparing, and starting. BUT sometimes the perfectionism gets in the way and if it’s not perfect (and let’s face it, starting something new it’s probably NOT gonna be) it can be abandoned.

I started something small a few months ago that I call – something not G rated so I will edit myself and call it – “decent enough cleaning”. Instead of worrying if I get every little spot for something, I do a decent enough job. I can come back tomorrow or later that day and finish it. It’s helped TREMENDOUSLY with my perfectionistic tendencies and I notice that it’s really sufficient.

I saw an article recently stating that we humans like to see immediate results, immediate gratification, that “before and after” shot – but we have a tendency to ignore or even dislike incremental progress. (BTW this was based on a scientific study so you may be saying “of course, duh, common sense” but hey – let me get my inspiration. Ha!)

I decided to challenge my “monkey/dopamine addicted” mind and go IT’S TIME TO CHEER FOR THE LITTLE STEPS. Not just acknowledge them but actively get excited. Show them off. Why the heck not? Isn’t there enough bad in the world? We can’t change everything, there will be bad, but grab that good stuff whenever and wherever possible!

Okay, so I went a little philosophical, but here is I promise some actual works in progress:


I have been collecting recipes and translating Japanese recipes for a while now. I was using my phone to read the recipes but during cooking I can’t always easily get back to my phone. I much prefer paper recipes, so I decided to print out the recipes I will use again.

I bought a notebook from Muji and sat down and punch holes and organized! And for fun, I will draw some cute illustrations for each section. I might put on stickers because I flipping love me some stickers.


I read Marie Kondo’s book a few years back and thought it was a cool concept. I haven’t done the full method because I am employing, ahem, “decent enough” but I put some clothes that don’t exactly spark joy away for now. I will come back to them in cooler weather and see if I will wear them again. If not, it will be time to recycle.

Organizing using “zero waste”/”already have” items

Been working on replacing storage containers with glass containers, but I have accumulated a pile of (sorry) plastic ones. Based on some cool YouTube videos and ideas from a friend, I am using them to make little “sort boxes” using things I already have. I also learned how to re-use boxes to make organizers too!

Hello again Japanese study

Taking classes again. Please ask me how well it goes with a 1 year old!

These are only a small handful of projects I have right now. The next project I will try is adding pictures to my blog posts!

What projects do you have? Feel free to share!



Gina Posted on3:04 pm - August 11, 2022

Yay progress!!!
My perfectionist/monkey brain also has perfectionist issues. I have about 40 works in progress that I really need to jump on, but little by little I’ll get them done!
I’m super happy to hear about your projects, and would love to see pics of your Japanese recipe book!

Lori Posted on5:01 pm - August 11, 2022

Love your project idea! I found it is really helpful after printing out your recipes to put them in sheet protectors !! Mostly it helps to not ruin all your hard work by slopping stuff on them while you are cooking!! Which I ALWAYS seem to manage to do, lol!! I’m also all about the “baby steps” when doing any project, cuz it’s just practical and works best for me!! Cheers to our many projects…yeahhh!! Most of all have FUN!! 😊💕Lori

    Heather Posted on8:38 pm - August 11, 2022

    SHEET PROTECTORS – that’s brilliant!! Okay, adding that to the project list.

    YES to fun! I hope your projects are going well and I want to see more of yours too <3

    Thank you for your comment!!!!!

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