Takamatsu, udon, and SLEEP

Takamatsu, udon, and SLEEP

Okay, let’s see what I can get done in this limited window of time. Fingers crossed this gets finished and posted!

Welcome back to an actual travel post on the blog I had sort of intended to use as a travel blog! Does that sentence make sense? At this point I’m not sure but I’m rolling with it. Speaking of which, SLEEP. I AM GETTING SLEEP. People always joke about not getting sleep with a baby, and I think it’s stress relief to cope with the trauma of not sleeping. Because not sleeping well for months on end is just not good for one. When one starts getting sleep the brain wakes up and goes “what the heck just happened?”

Recently we took a trip to Takamatsu in Kagawa prefecture. It was the first overnight family trip we have taken when we weren’t meeting with family! Since this was just a two day trip, I’ll try to make this short. However, I will inundate you with gorgeous blue sky pictures since the sky was absolutely GORGEOUS. And yes, that does need to be repeated and in caps since it really was that beautiful in person.

Our first stop was to get lunch. We LOVE udon (especially our toddler!) so we were super excited to go to the home of Sanuki udon. It was up to me to choose our first udon restaurant. I got darn lucky to find the place with the absolutely best udon I have ever had in my life – so far. I am now on a quest to go find udon that is as good or better than this one. (I don’t know if I will find better, but I will try!). And I think I will keep the name of this place to myself so if you come to visit we’ll take you there. It must already be a very popular place with the locals but – as my husband overheard – not a lot of tourists come visit this particular spot. And yes, I stand out very easily as a tourist. (insert subtle winking face emoji here if you want).

I was lucky to get this picture with a toddler, so my apologies it is not beautiful. Also that’s her fork and yes I gave her some bites of inside of the sweet potato tempura.

The next day we went to another udon place but this was one was TOURIST. Here I go with caps again but I had the misfortune of finding the most touristy place I could. I didn’t bother to take a good picture of the udon because it wasn’t good, it was too expensive, and it felt like we had managed to get into a theme park restaurant. It was a fun experience!

We stayed overnight at a guest house. We sleep on futons at home and with a very very active sleeping toddler (she sleeps! Sleep! Cue the trumpets and confetti!) it felt like a good choice. Tatami mats and a separate floor with only one other visiting family made for a very comfortable experience. Not counting having to move all the decorations and pray she didn’t poke a hole in the sliding door paper or take down the wall hangings. It was fine! Thankfully we didn’t stay more than a few hours.

We drove to a park up in the mountain area on our way home. Such a lovely view along with interesting artwork. It was initially rather chilly but the warm sun quickly brought the temperature up. I’m just going to let the pictures here speak for themselves.

Okay! That’s a decently quick-ish highlight of our trip. I am hoping that we’ll get to go back soon. We need more udon…



Gina Posted on12:51 pm - October 17, 2022

Oooh Udon is delicious!! And the pictures are lovely! Glad you guys had a nice time 😊

    Heather Posted on2:45 am - October 18, 2022

    UUUUUUUDOOOOOOONNNNNN. Someday I will take you! Or we’ll make it haha. And don’t you just want to float in all that blue??

Darthtink Posted on12:55 pm - October 25, 2022


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