This Little Moment

This Little Moment

My car smells like gingerbread. 

We ventured out this afternoon after the rain stopped. I wasn’t expecting my little one to fall asleep on the car ride home, but she has. And I know it’s not the best thing for her to nap in her seat but – just for a few minutes I want to finish my drink. I need both hands to carry her and our things and to unlock the door. I can’t come back to get my drink and with prices going up, leaving it feels wasteful. So, I compromise – I drink my hot beverage as quickly as I can and then I will carry her inside to hopefully sleep at least a good hour. Hour and a half if we are lucky!

But I am snatching this moment while I finish my drink to write. Just a little while. A grasp of a moment to just put thoughts to virtual ink. My mind stretching and doing. 

And now my drink is done, and it’s time to move. 
I’m inside now, my little one sleeping peacefully on the futon.

Today my little one was all around the bookstore. Running here and there and pointing at the lights (“ligh!”), the fans (“fan!”). She’s been fascinated with the ceiling fans in this store from an early age. She used to just stare but now she can point them out and say what they are. It’s getting easier to roam around stores. Before she used to grab EVERYTHING. But now she’s learning to “look with her eyes and not her hands.” Mostly. If there’s something that catches her eye she will grab. We call her the octopus – those hands grabbing before you can even register they are reaching.

It’s really fun to see her grow and change. Is it tiring? Oh, yes, it is. But a good tired.

When she wakes up, maybe we will color. Or play with some blocks. Whatever the next moment will be, we’ll enjoy together.


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Darth Posted on8:46 pm - November 25, 2022

Life is complicated 🐭

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