Butterfly in the blue sky, I can ascend more than double!

Butterfly in the blue sky, I can ascend more than double!

So lately I have been reading. And reading and reading and reading. It’s all frivolous, light hearted, entertaining reads but it’s making me itch. The GOOD itch – you know, the one to start writing again (as you are beholding here). Stephen King was right – in order to write you first got to read.

I realized about halfway through November it was nanowrimo. I ended up implementing it in a teaching lesson, but I feel like I would have liked to have tried. Although didn’t I try to do a blog sprint a couple years ago? I swear I did.

I am also working on my reading in Japanese – I keep reading the same manga for practice. It’s called Yotsuba&! and it’s about a little girl exploring her world. A lovely little slice of life comic. I have a preference for slice of life as you may have picked up from my tagline!

So, this is partly a post but also partly a reach out. I need some more things to read. Anyone got any recommendations?



Gina Posted on11:39 am - November 28, 2022

All my recommendations are a bit on the fantasy/fate of the world type with smexiness in full force, lol. But if you’re in the mood for magic wielding bedroom tales, I gotcha, boo. lol

    Heather Posted on7:50 am - November 30, 2022

    I need to branch out more into the fantasy realm, so send em over! Will message youuuu

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