Will I be able to post before my battery runs out?

Will I be able to post before my battery runs out?

Hello again! Another off the cuff post. My ideas for writing went rather out the window when I realized how much battery power I didn’t have left on my computer.

Thank you for the lovely book suggestions. I do get rather giddy and excited when I get comments either here or directly.

The next year encroaches towards us along with the holiday season. Christmas music starts in November here! And then everything is gone on Christmas Day. Seriously! Trees are down, music is back to (occasionally) 90/00s American pop and some newer Jpop.

I’ve got lots and lots of plans on many different stoves and it’s exciting, scary, and interesting.

One of the plans I really want to launch in this coming year is my podcast. It’s been a goal of mine for oh, so many years. In the coming weeks, I may ask for some participation and/or information. I’m curious to see what I can do. And I am curious to see what you all might like to share!

Feel free to post your comments, or just think to yourself – what goals do you have for this coming year? Big ones are great, but don’t forget little ones too. Small goals are unbelievably motivating and just plain FUN.

Okay, I think I’m going to be able to post this!! Ah, exciting. Now to the charging area! I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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Sara Posted on11:13 am - December 8, 2022


Ps: that sounds completely reasonable to me about everything being gone on Christmas Day. I usually take my tree and decorations down on 12/26 (or even Christmas night) 🤣

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