Happy New Year! What’s in store for 2023

Happy New Year! What’s in store for 2023

Greetings and Salutations! The first post of this new year. Ooo, I am rather excited.

2022 was a LOT. So much happened, not a heck of a lot I posted here about though. Here’s a super brief recap:

-2 trips to America (one planned, one unexpected)
-We got a walker/runner now!
-First overnight family trip!
-Costco membership

There’s probably a lot more I can mention but wasn’t this supposed to be a looking forward post?

My thoughts for 2023:

-More writing!
-My own podcast!
-Continuing Japan Archives
-New explorations!
-NEW SNACKS. Always snacks…

I will continue to try my darndest to write here at least once a week, and I will work on making more informative posts, not just journaling. But, I will include those too! I think sharing thoughts is helpful, not just for me but for others. Thinking and reflecting and learning and growing sounds rather nice for this next year, doesn’t it?

In the meanwhile, please take care of you. Please do something nice for yourself, even if it is just sitting in a chair for a few minutes and taking some nice cleansing breaths.

Fingers crossed and here we go!


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Jasn Posted on3:34 am - January 10, 2023

Here’s to a wonderful new year!

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