Are you doing the thing? Or doing the something else?

Are you doing the thing? Or doing the something else?

Okay, so let’s see if anyone out there feels like this.

You get a free moment to do something and then all your thoughts just go POOF. And so you sit and end up grabbing your phone and doom scrolling or watching tok clones or any other myriad of things to kill time then POOF your free time is gone. Then you feel guilty that you did nothing productive and then you are ashamed and the next time you SWEAR it’s gonna be different.

Anybody? I bet there’s more than a couple people reading this that feel this way.

I bet you are thinking I’m gonna come up with something to help or make you feel bad that I’ve figured out some magic trick and you haven’t or some sort of positive something or other that really isn’t gonna help you.

Guess what? No, not really. Well, maybe.

Instead – the next time you feel the urge to doom scroll or tok off or whatever, go ahead. DO IT. But here’s the catch. Don’t feel guilty. Just don’t. There’s enough heavy things out there and stresses and what else all is happening and here’s one person who is just gonna say enjoy it. Enjoy those dopamine hits. Don’t feel guilty.

Who knows what can happen from that. Maybe nothing. But maybe something might.

This post brought to you by a person who just wants to do something to help other people and herself do the things. Let’s take things a little at a time. Good luck out there.


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