Building Habits – Always in Progress

Building Habits – Always in Progress

Okay, so really at this point, I’m just keeping my habit up of posting once a week and I don’t have anything brilliant or insightful to say and you know what? I’m still pretty proud of myself.

I could just sit here and go “I got nothing, it’s not good enough, why even bother” but I’m NOT. Nope. I’m doing something! Sometimes we can wait and wait and wait for the perfect whatever and it’s not gonna come and we just gotta jump in and do. So, here’s me doing.

Sometimes I wonder if my joy of the small and tiny and the mundane and the simple comes through, or if it’s lost in the shuffle of everything else. I have to remind myself that it shouldn’t always matter what other people think – even though as a social creature oh heck yeah it doesssss. But that’s why we are always a work in progress ourselves, isn’t it?

Anyways, I am THRILLED beyond bits that even though I am rambling, I’ve written a post. I mean, I do have things I want to talk about but I’m working behind the scenes and that’s what I hope my post is for next week. But today I just want to celebrate that I’ve shown up here, I’ve written, and who knows? Maybe since I’ve done one blog post maybe I can accomplish something else today too! Progress can easily build on progress.

I sometimes think I write what I write because some of you may be going through some times (hard, good, boring). And I always hope that my writing can make people think and help in some small way.

So, here’s to my little corner, my little slice of life – and to ripple and spread to spark ideas in you, too.


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Chelsea Snyder Posted on7:14 pm - January 24, 2023

I am working on the same. It’s hard sometimes to celebrate even the small things but I think it’s important to be proud of the little things we accomplish!

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