Fairytales from the Land of Dai Li Laif

Fairytales from the Land of Dai Li Laif

*In which we will discover the grandiose, the verbose, complicated, yet simple tales from a simple caretaker of an enchanted fairy dragon.

Ah, you may be asking yourself “How did I encounter this place? How did I get here? Did I perchance wander into some strange land of wild creativity gone slightly sleep deprived?”

Oh no, dear adventure. You have stumbled here because you were meant to. Also, you are probably related via blood or friendship to the scribe casting these tales. Welcome, and be sure to drink your water daily.

Here begins tale #1 

Along the tall stone-appearing wall the great beast clung, its octo-bodied form poised as if realizing the danger was near. It had spotted the simple caretaker, trying yet failing to capture a tiny fairy dragon for a new set of daily scales.

The giant beast wrapped its many legs closer to itself, ready to sprint to safety.

Alas, the simple caretaker had also frozen her body – realizing that a great beast (who she about 75%-heartedly feared) was gripping the off white stone-appearing partition. 

The caretaker clutched the fairy dragon close to her as she fled, body shaking with both fear and determination – for just this past moon she had increased her ability and skills to capturing these giant beasts yet liberating them to a new safer haven in the land of green and sky.

The caretaker reach out to clasp the small  enchanted glassware that would allow her to apprehend the beast while reassuring herself the beast was captured.

With shaking hands, she reached and reached and reached and then SLAM – the glass enclosed the beast, its enormous body dancing and cavorting with fury and fear. 

The beast, thus acquired, began the journey to freedom. 

Once the caretaker reached the safe haven, she began to set the great beast free.

ALAS! A slip of the shaking hand sent the creation to another much higher haven than the one intended.

The caretaker, filled with sorrow and pity, returned to the fairy dragon  – who still refused her new daily scales. However, the caretaker would prepare herself for the next fated encounter with these beasts – determined to set them free safely next time. 


Hello again after a nice break! How are you doing these days?

What did you think of my tale? Were you able to figure out what happened? If so please comment your idea – I am curious if I was able to transfer my thoughts in a completely new writing style!

After my last blog post, I thought and thought and wondered and considered what I should write next. Honestly, I got stuck thinking in which direction I wanted to go.

It wasn’t until I encountered a podcast about art being necessary for our daily lives (it was really eye opening!!) that I got the inspiration to write about my daily life as if it were a fantasy tale. 

I love fantasy stories, I love writing – and they just seemed to come together. I get to create “art,” expand my mind for new and creative words, and have some fun. Bonus is if you enjoyed it too!

And maybe take some time for yourself today to create some art – even if it’s just a doodle or a scribble. It’s so much fun to play!


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Allea Posted on12:24 pm - April 19, 2023

I love this. So clever!

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