The Tale of Unobstructed Vision – Fairytale #2

The Tale of Unobstructed Vision – Fairytale #2

The caretaker knelt down in front of the tiny fairy dragon, whose top hair had finally reached the point of obscuring her vision (a side note to say of course fairy dragons have hair upon their heads. Some more than others but our fairy dragon has a plethora of long flowing locks.)

This day marked a new occasion – the tiny fairy dragon was allowing the caretaker to pare down the visage blocker. However the caretaker, fearful that the dragon would move too quickly, decided to move in a rapid pace.


With shaking hands the caretaker leaned back to survey her work.

Ah, the fringe upon the dragon now resembled a craggy small hillscape.

The tiny dragon, with vision thus unencumbered, escaped. She was as yet unburdened with the weight of other opinions. She cared only that her full sight was restored.

The caretaker thus decided she too would be pleased with this first attempt and vowed to research further into tiny fairy dragon hair grooming.


Ah, dear friend/adventurer – or as I would now like to call you – “friendventurer” how did you enjoy my tail of a hair trim gone slightly wrong? It was much more fun to write about than actually do! I do not have a talent with hair, so it’s a skill I will need to keep practicing.

Have you tried doing art? If so, I would love to hear about it! Or perhaps there’s a skill you are working on that you too would like to improve? Feel free to share too!

Until next time, dear friendventurer!


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